Crafting with the Girl: Baby Doll Diapers

On Friday, at the end of a long week with no mama crafting time, Junah told me that she needed another diaper for her Special Baby (Special Baby is actually the name of this particular doll, Junah isn’t prone to naming things much) because like all babies, Special Baby had pooped in her diaper and needed a change.

My inner crafter started thinking of all the cute doll diapers I could make with some fabric, bias tape, hook & loop tape.  They would be so darn cute.  But Special Baby would be sitting in that same diaper quite awhile if I were going to go that route.

doll cloth diaper

So instead we traced the one doll diaper we have, used a bit of flannel and some gripper snap snaps and within fifteen minutes Special Baby had a new diaper.

I cut some flannel squares from the same fabric to supply the much needed wipes.  Junah has the techinque down quite well, I think, check out the one handed leg hold.

doll diaper change

The snaps are a bit tough for Junah to work on her own, so I’m still itching to make some better diapers, but seeing as Special Baby got about ten diaper changes in a row that afternoon (playing with baby dolls isn’t big with Junah…maybe the real life brother doll has something to do with that) and none since, it isn’t a high priority.

snap on diaper

But I did create a pdf of the diaper pattern (just the pattern piece, not any instructions–but really, it couldn’t be simpler).  I made a few minor adjustments to make it better fit on either a 12″ or an 18″ doll.  All you need are a few items besides the fabric: gripper-snap pliers, a pencil with an eraser end, six little fabric squares (for reinforcing the snaps), six pokey snap pieces, two flat snap pieces, and two sticky-outy snap pieces (if my designations for the different parts of the snap aren’t clear, please refer to the picture).


The eraser is key to not letting the gripper snapper make you crazy.  After you push the pokey snap piece through the fabric, use the eraser to jam the fabric all the way on my stabbing at the pokey pieces with the eraser.  I tried to take a picture to illustrate this but it came out blurry so I’ve hidden it here.

The pattern has markings for placing the snaps.  Just make sure that the four snap pieces on the bottom are all facing one direction and the two snap pieces on the top are facing the opposite direction.  Another somewhat blurry picture here.

And you’ll end up with a cute little baby doll dipe, just like this:




  1. thanks for another quick and easy craft. took one feverish but wiggly girl, a baby doll with one diaper and turned an old pink t-shirt and some pink flannel into three more diapers and some wipes! perfect!!!

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