A Wedding (Birthday) Cake for a Five Year Old

Junah really wanted a wedding cake for her birthday.  She talked about it for at least six months, reminding Aunt Jesse (our amazing birthday cake maker) often and planning exactly what she wanted.  Aunt Jesse made seven cake layers (of an amazing white cake–I’m not usually in to cake, but this was good!) and the girlie got to help decorate it.

girlie's fifth birthday cake

And the secret, wonderful thing about this amazing cake?  Absolutely free of artificial dyes!  No, that’s not Red #40 around the bottom, that’s beet extract.  The other colors were derived (in my sister’s kitchen) from spinach, carrot and turmeric.  Beautiful, amazing and without the nasty side-effects of dye (which are evident if Junah ingests any).

And the girlie loved it.

Interested in learning for about artificial food dyes & how to avoid them?  Check out Die, Food Dye!


  1. Happy birthday to Junah. Love the cake. Jacinta

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