I’ve moved from Dreamhost to Bluehost, so keep your fingers crossed!

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In February I made the switch from Typepad to WordPress.org (self-hosted wordpress, different from wordpress.com) and chose Dreamhost.com as my webhost. I chose Dreamhost mostly because I was loosely following this guide and wanted keep the process as simple as possible. After less than a month, however, I started noticing that my site was frequently unavailable or very slow to load. I contacted Dreamhost and was told that something I was doing was causing the problems and they gave me a whole list of things to try (which I did, insofar as I could figure out what to do).

And here’s the thing about Dreamhost support, contact is via a trouble ticket with a reply coming via e-mail. So if you need more information? A bit of additional clarification? Open a new support ticket.

I decided to switch to Bluehost.com (because it seems to get good reviews, but more because SmallNotebook.org is hosted on Bluehost and I really wish I could be more organized and less cluttered and, well, more like Rachel of Small Notebook.  Good enough reasons?)

I began the switch to Bluehost a few weeks ago (a bad cold and Easter crafts are why I’ve just now made the switch official) and have already used their 24/7 online chat tech support a few times. So much more helpful! And faster! And 24/7! And, if you prefer the telephone, customer service is available 24/7 that way too. Of course, my kids always know the second I get on the phone and create a crisis to celebrate, so I prefer the internet chat.

Things seem better off so far, and I’m definitely enjoy the better service. But, fingers-crossed that all remains well. And, just for the record, I previously had a dreamhost affiliate link on my site (no more!) and I am in no way affiliated with Bluehost other than as a new, hopeful customer.

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