Bento Box Fail

Yesterday I received my new bento boxes, which I selected for their price. I was a little disappointed that the pieces didn’t seem to fit together very well, so I only opened one thinking I could send one back if I didn’t like the way it worked out. Good thing.

Junah's lunch in pink bento box

The bottom section contained a lollipop stick of olives topped by flower carrots (using my new vegetable cutters* which I really like) a muffin cup of bread and butter circles and an empty muffin cup for the strawberry gelatin I had made but which wasn’t yet set). The top container held three fruit sticks and a few nectarine flowers.

The top stacks on the bottom but not very securely and then a final lid piece slips over the whole thing. Loosely. And I don’t own a bento band (and wasn’t really aware of the necessity of one before). I crossed my fingers and used a double wrapped headband.

Bento with band

I knew it was unlikely that Junah would reband it, but I thought there would be very little left to pack back up. Unfortunately, my gelatin didn’t fully set, and the muffin cup spilled making everything in the bottom container “wet” according to Junah. She ate the fruit sticks and salvaged what gelatin she could, but left everything else. So after school I picked up one hungry girl and one messy lunchbox.


You can’t tell very much in the picture, but the entire interior of her lunch box and everything inside of it is coated in a layer of sticky, slightly-set gelatin. Fingers crossed for better luck next time!

* Disclosure

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